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Hello, world!

I'm proper, a twenty-something queer Actual Human Being lady of the nerd/geek flavor. I've been hanging around the edges of fandom my entire life, occasionally poking my head in long enough to be like, "sup, I like that thing you made, it's an excellent thing," and then running away again because, um. Anxieties.

THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT. I spend a lot of time making my friends/loved ones watch Shakespeare and listen to me talk about Shakespeare (which I love in a completely critical, irreverent way), and while they are totes excellent and supportive people they don't have a lot more to say about Laertes at this point. I HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT LAERTES.

So, um, I'm sort of... throwing myself into/at various Shakespeare communities and journals. Hi!

Other things I am into:
-GENRE TV oh man. I still kind of miss Smallville. In the Flesh is prob the best thing I've ever seen. I watched Teen Wolf up until the travesty of Season 3b, where I sadly gave up, BUT I STILL HAVE FEELINGS.
-Awful/great 90's movies. Hackers, for ex. Talk to me about Joey please. HOW CAN YOU HAVE AN IDENTITY IF YOU DON'T HAVE A HANDLE, JOEY. You never got your handle. D:
-Cats? Cats.

Operating principles of this journal:
-I will totes tag/warn using best standard fannish practices, especially for trigger warnings (which seem... unlikely, honestly, unless I'm talking about Titus, I guess)
-I will cut for major spoilers, but will generally assume that people know the plots/endings of most of the famous plays (spoiler alert: everyone dies and/or gets married)
-I am unlikely to leave flashy gifs all over the place, but will try to remember to warn for them
-I will try in good faith to be a totally okay human being. If I mess up, please tell me and I will do my best to rectify the situation
-Anyone can friend/follow/unfriend/unfollow/whatevs whenever they so please. I'm here to talk to people, so totally say hi if you want to!


properfalse: Illustration of a female hand holding a skull, with stripes of color radiating out. (Default)

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